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Asheville Underground Art
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For all Asheville, North Carolina based art - including visual and performing arts as well as poetry and other writing - that doesn't quite fit into the mainstream. Subversive, controversial, diverse, political content welcome.

Open forum for discussion; also postings about upcoming gallery openings, shows, house parties, underground meetings, and up and coming artists. Artists can post poetry/links to their websites/photos of paintings and drawings in addition to flyers and notices.

This is not a bulletin board; the moderator will not be solely responsible for posting content - please join and POST! Long posts and pictures are welcome as long as LJ cuts are used.

Anything unrelated to Asheville and/or the arts will be considered spam and deleted. Posts with nudity or any other type of content that may be considered offensive to any viewers must use an LJ cut and have a clearly visible warning.

Moderated by: skvelahruza (Stephanie)

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